Mechanical Occlusive Chemical Ablation (MOCA)

Mechanical Occlusive Chemical Ablation (MOCA) or Clarivein or Flebogrif is a newly developed, non-thermal, non-tumescent technique for the treatment of gnarled and enlarged veins, commonly known as varicose veins. This condition can occur in any part of the human body, but more often it is observed in legs. The symptoms of varicose veins involve a wide range of conditions from cosmetic complaints to venous ulcers. MOCA is one of the best choices for those patients who cannot tolerate needles well, and who do not have extremely large veins or numerous branching varicosities coming off from the treated vein.

The effectiveness of this technique is somehow credited to the way it works and destroys the lining of the vein, allowing the effective use of the drug to close vein.
  • ● Technique is effective and safe
  • ● Reduced Pain levels, discomfort and negligible bruising
  • ● No risk of nerve and skin damage catheter does not generates any heat during the procedure and it works inside the vein
  • ● No internal leg pressure
  • ● No tumescent anaesthesia required, so no multiple needle stick injuries
  • ● Rapid return to normal activities as within two hours of the treatment the patient can go home.